Weaver and Company’s NuPrep Gel and Ten20 Conductive Paste

David O. Weaver, RPh
Weaver and Company
Aurora, CO


Introduced in 1991, NuPrep™ Gel is used to prep a patient’s skin before electrodes are attached in sleep diagnostic studies. It incorporates a mild abrasive action that minimizes patient discomfort and strips away dry, dead skin. It also moistens the cornium skin layer and thereby improves conductivity. The result is low skin impedance during diagnostic testing, which produces more accurate test results. Since its market introduction 16 years ago, Nuprep™ Gel has gained a well-respected reputation and has been used extensively in numerous sleep studies throughout the world.

Often used in tandem with NuPrep Gel, our Ten20™ conductive paste has proven to be very effective in sleep diagnostic testing. It is intended for use with non-disposable EEG electrodes, and has the optimal balance of adhesiveness and conductivity. Technicians appreciate how easy it is to clean up when they sanitize electrodes, and also how simple it is to clean from their patients’ hair and skin.


A very important benefit offered by NuPrep Gel and Ten20 conductive paste is that they save sleep technicians time and money. During sleep testing, failure at the electrode site could mean having to reapply them one or more times. This can result in patients being awaken during sleep testing.

NuPrep Gel and Ten20 conductive paste help create an environment in which electrode contact problems are minimized. This means patients being tested can sleep undisturbed for a long period of time, so technicians can record accurate baseline sleep patterns.

If you have difficulty getting the quality tracings and signal conductivity that is vital in sleep diagnostics, your problem may simply be poor skin prep at the electrode site. NuPrep Gel effectively helps lower impedances with minimal irritation and discomfort to patients, so you can improve your tracings.

Ten20 conductive paste has superior adhesive qualities that hold non-disposable surface electrodes in place. In addition, Ten20 is not inclined to dry out when placed in neurodiagnostic electrodes, and therefore does not require re-gelling during sleep tests like some clear gel conductives do. The benefit to technicians is that you save time and money by running a more efficient sleep study.


With NuPrep Gel and Ten20 conductive paste, Weaver and Company not only provides sleep technicians with proven, effective products — but also products that are easy to use and store. NuPrep Gel features a flip-top cap that allows you to dispense it with one hand, while performing additional tasks with the other.

Since it has a very consistent texture, NuPrep Gel never “blurts” from the tube. This means you only dispense the precise amount you need, so you get the most from every tube. Also, a flat cap top enables you to conveniently stand each tube on its head within arm’s reach. Finally, each tube of NuPrep Gel includes an easy-to-read lot number and expiration date, so you can rotate your stock accordingly.

Ten20 conductive paste is also efficiently packaged in convenient jars and easy-to-dispense tubes. A lot number and expiration date appears on all products, as does a complete ingredient list to promote patient safety. The unit of sale for both NuPrep Gel and Ten20 conductive is a 3-pack, recyclable boxes each holding three containers of product, that are easier to stack and store. The elimination of shrink wrapping also makes our manufacturing facility more environmentally friendly.

Weaver and Company is deeply committed to sleep diagnostics and to providing technicians with excellent products and friendly, convenient service. In NuPrep Gel and Ten20 conductive paste, we believe we have two innovative products that enable them to achieve optimal sleep test results.

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