The Sleep Doctor Recommends Dentists to Treat Bruxism

It’s not sleep apnea, but teeth grinding is a sleep disorder that is well suited to treatment from qualified dentists. A consumer article in The Sleep Doctor by Michael Breus details the various problems that may arise due to chronic teeth grinding.

Tooth grinding is also known by its medical term: bruxism,” Breus writes. “Bruxism is a condition where someone involuntarily grinds their teeth or clenches their jaw. It most commonly happens during the day, which is known as daytime bruxism. Tooth grinding can also occur at night, where it’s known as nighttime bruxism, or sleep bruxism.” 

Breus specifically advises teeth grinders to contact their dentist. “They can check your teeth for signs of excessive wear and help you find treatment options that work for you,” he writes. “This can include devices like a simple mouth guard, or corrective options like an occlusal splint.”

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