The Shame of Insomnia

On 10/26/11, the Dr. Oz show covered the topic of insomnia. The show featured one of our esteemed colleagues, Dr. Michael Breus and one of the most interesting parts of the show is Dr. Breus, who was guesting on the show describing how insomnia sufferers felt shame about their insomnia suffering.

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Basically, they feel like sleeping is a normal part of daily living and if people are having difficulty sleep there is something wrong with them.

In addition, people feel very isolated and alone in regards to sleep problems, and they don’t think that anyone else is having sleeping issues. Insomnia is a problem that impacts over 60 percent of Americans, according to the National Sleep Foundations 2011 report.

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From our own perspective, we have an insomnia Facebook page with over 17,000 followers and for anyone who decided to take a quick glance through the comments posted, the main theme of most posts is peoples raw frustration with insomnia. Answers to the condition seem very elusive to people, no matter how much googling for insomnia solutions they type into their browser or solicit from their fellow Facebook friends.

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