The MediByte Junior – An Entry Level Home Sleep Testing Device – Richard A. Bonato, Ph.D.

The MediByte Junior – An Entry Level Home Sleep Testing Device

Richard A. Bonato, Ph.D.
President and CEO
BRAEBON Medical Corporation
Kanata, Ontario


In light of both the CMS rulings regarding the approval of CPAP reimbursement based on home sleep testing, and the guidelines published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Braebon feels that there is a need in the marketplace for an entry-level home sleep testing recorder. There is a definite need in the marketplace for an entry-level Type 4 plus-one-channel device, which is upgradeable to an entry- level Type 3 device. We looked at the MediByte technology platform, which has been on the market for three years, and then we created an entry-level Type 4 device, which is upgradeable to a Type 3 device by simply purchasing the optional RIP effort belt as an upgrade.

The Medibyte Junior is extremely affordable and complies with the Type 3 portable monitoring guidelines published by CMS. The MediByte Junior is shipped in a case about the size of a shaving kit and is easily upgraded to a Type 3 device by replacing the Velcro band with a respiratory inductive plethysomnography (RIP) effort sensor. By upgrading the technology, the user is able to bill the MediByte Junior as a Type 3 device. The MediByte Junior offers the advantage to start with the simplicity of a Type 4 device and the option to upgrade to a Type 3 device if desired.


The prime feature of the MediByte Junior is the unique ability of having a very small, extremely easy-to-use, upgradeable device that can actually work with a CPAP device while at the same time offering RIP technology. The MediByte Junior offers SpO2, pulse, airflow, body position and RIP all built into one unit. With these features, the device can be used both to diagnose sleep apnea as well as monitor the effectiveness of treatment. The MediByte Junior can record CPAP pressures, airflow and snoring as well as the option of offering RIP technology to monitor respiratory effort. The “event button” feature and the user-friendly software make the device extremely easy to work with. The use of pictures aids in set-up of the device helps reduce errors. Many users have been able to use the device without ever opening the user manual and have been impressed with the product’s user friendliness.


The MediByte Junior is ready to use in a matter of minutes. One of the key features considered was power and the decision not to use a rechargeable battery, which will often not be charged when it’s needed most. Because a quick turn-around is usually needed when preparing for a home sleep test, the user will often not have the time to wait for a battery to charge. Data can be downloaded and the device can be turned around for re-use within ten minutes without having to spend valuable time for a recharge. Supplying the patient with a fresh battery significantly reduces the likelihood of data collection failure. The MediByte Junior addresses all the headaches regarding battery power, including locking the battery compartment so that the patient is unable to disturb the device’s power. Another powerful feature of the MediByte Junior is that it can record for two consecutive nights. All the technology in the MediByte Junior improves the likelihood the clinician using this device will be able to record high quality, reliable data. All of these added features make the MediByte Junior unique among Type 3 and 4 home testing devices. The ergonomic appeal and small size makes the MediByte Junior a first-class device that consistently ensures high quality data collection.


The MediByte Junior will have a profound impact on the use of portable monitoring and sleep disorders medicine, particularly because the technology is offered at a reasonable price while at the same time providing an entry-level screening tool for clinicians to reach a larger patient population. The device will also benefit patients by providing physicians an efficient and accurate technology to quickly screen and treat sleep apnea. The MediByte Junior will have a profound impact as a new benchmark for portable home sleep testing. The MediByte Junior remains the smallest, most reliable Type 3 device on the market. The ease of use for both the clinician and patient makes the MediByte Junior the best cutting-edge technology that meets CMS requirements for Type 3 and Type 4 reimbursements.

MediByte® is a registered trademark of BRAEBON Medical Corporation.

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