The Smart Bed for Kids is Here

The Gizmodo Web site recently chose to focus on the Sleep Number IQ bed, now made for children with a “guarantee” of peaceful slumber, while providing parents with remote alerts when a child isn’t dozing.

“There are countless other sleep tracking solutions already on the market, but the SleepIQ Kids Bed uses pressure sensors built right into the adjustable mattress to track movement, breathing, and even a child’s heart rate without requiring them to wear wrist bands or other annoying accessories,” writes Andrew Liszewski. “All of the data that’s collected by the bed over night is made available through a wirelessly connected smartphone app that lets both kids and parents analyze how good a night’s sleep the child actually had. And if they didn’t, the app allows the comfort level of the SleepIQ Kids Bed to be adjusted by inflating or deflating air chambers hidden inside the mattress to hopefully make it more comfortable.”

The bed reportedly tracks the effects of things like sports and diet on sleep patterns. “And if it’s an adverse effect, like eating mountains of candy before they try and fall asleep,” adds Liszewski, “the app will show how they toss and turn instead of actually drifting off.”

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