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Sensors that Make Sense

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For over 15 years SLP has been manufacturing sleep diagnostic sensors that easily interface to most PSG recording systems on the market. SLP offers a wide variety of sensors including, respiratory effort, RIP/Inductive, thermal flow, pressure flow, limb movement, body position, and snoring sensors. The entire line is designed for more accurate signal readings, ease–of–use, optimal patient compliance, affordable pricing, and un–matched durability.


SLP now offers the SleepSense Reusable thermal flow sensor. The device offers a unique design with a combination to track both temperature and flow changes. The oral and nasal prongs of the reusable thermal flow sensor is bendable and responds consistently without the need to be inserted into the nostrils. This feature allows the technologist to conform the sensor for optimal patient comfort. The SleepSense AC Pressure Transducer is equipped with an additional snoring component making it easy to test snoring at the same time as pressure. The SleepSense AC Pressure Transducer has been designed to insulate the sensitive element from any interference which ensures optimal signal quality in a small, durable package. SLP offers a wide variety of cannulas including adult and pediatric. The nasal prongs of the cannulas fit directly inside the pliable nasal prongs of the reusable thermal flow sensor making this combination easy to apply and comfortable for the patient.


SleepSense will be releasing the Multi–RIP System which employs a sleek design and a SUM Channel. The SUM channel allows users to combine both the chest and abdomen signals into one. The unit will be AA battery operated and will encompass the same plug and play design that the current RIP/Inductive system offers. All 5 sizes of SleepSense Inductive belts can be used with the Multi–RIP allowing for a more comprehensive respiratory inductance signal at an affordable price.


SLP has responded to the new AASM scoring guidelines by providing a Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography System that is easy to use and affordable. The SleepSense RIP/Inductive System is designed as a plug and play replacement for the Piezo Crystal effort sensors and offers two interface cables (chest & abdomen) as well as 5 different sizes of semi–reusable belts. The system requires no additional calibration and the interface cables plug directly into most PSG recording systems in the market. By offering 5 different sizes of belts ranging from infant/pediatric to XXL, sleep technologists can easily obtain reliable studies on the variety of patients in the sleep laboratory without the need to constantly make adjustments throughout the night. The bands themselves are made of a cloth–like material and are machine washable. The inductance technology is woven throughout the length of the belts and more accurately measures respiratory effort within the circumference of the band. With no need for additional software and by providing a large variety of belts that will fit most any patient population, it is easy to see why so many sleep centers have chosen the SleepSense RIP/Inductive system to comply with the new AASM scoring guidelines.

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