Scottsdale Study Club September and October Dates

The Scottsdale Study Club will host a continuium for that are interested in adding sleep disorder treatment to their practice. The series will allow the Dr to evaluate and treat patients using a medical model.

The initial class will allow the Dr and their staff to properly evaluate patients for evaluation and management guidelines to fit the treatment codes to the diagnostic codes. Without the proper evaluation forms the practice will face denial of their claims.The staff will be provided with scripted forms to accurately record the patients symptoms for insurance processing.

The appointment evaluation forms will be provided for the Dr and staff for each separate appointment from initial evaluation until the patient has reached MMI, maximum medical improvement improvement.

The proper evaluation as well as the medical evaluation will be discussed including the proper radiographic and psychologic records needed for medical insurance.

Discussion of medicare guidelines as well as becoming in network providers for medical insurance providers will be covered. Compliance manuals for medicare will be discussed as well as the process for becoming a Credentialed Dental Facility from the AADSM.

The overnight PSG class also in Scottsdale will meet the requirements for the diplomate exam of the AADSM with in lab observation of the patient as well as the written exam questions.

The Oct 14, 15 class will begin the evaluation of patients for sleep bruxism, orofacial pain and TMD dysfunstion and . The ability of the dentist to properly evaluate and treat these patients will be discussed in detail. Various treatments as well as oral devices will be shown and discussed so the attendee can begin patient evaluation and treatment.

The mentors and instructors  for the class have many years experience in treatment of these patients. The class is by invitation only and will be kept to a small group for detailed instruction for the attendees. The class fee is $1495 per session for the Dr and 2 staff. Each staff memeber after that will be $495.  Study Club registration office can be reached at 760-633-4162.



SleepScholar Study Club General Session

14635 N Kierland Blvd., Ste. 154

Scottsdale, AZ, 85254

Seating is limited and will be assigned on a first come first serve basis

Calendar of Events 2011

September 16- 17, 2011

Where are the patients?

  • Evaluation of dental patients at each dental appointment for signs and symptoms of untreated sleep disorders
  • Conversion from dental to medical
  • Dental insurance vs. Medical Insurance including Medicare
    as well as AADSM guidelines for treatment in the dental office
  • Hands-on workshop for patient evaluation and treatment

Mentor Spotlight

Dr. Rodney Willey, Peoria, IL

Dr. Michael Childres, Bradenton, FL

Dr. Michael Gluhareff, Ocala, FL

Dr. Edward Spiegel, Scottsdale, AZ

Dentists and one staff member will learn proper patient evaluation, examination, jaw registration, and dental and medical records.


Location for the Overnight Polysomnography Workshops

Embassy Suites

4415 E. Paradise Village Pkwy South
Phoenix, AZ 85032


Calendar of Events 2011

September 23-25, 2011

Overnight PSG (Limited to 12 Dentists)

  • Overnight Sleep Polysomnography two-night PSG of patient for diagnosis as well as second night treatment with CPAP and Oral Appliance.
  • Dentist will see actual examination of patient as well as patient prepared for PSG with evaluation and live data being recorded.
  • Discussion of PSG results as well as a comparison of CPAP and OA treatment as recorded by the PSG.

Mentor Spotlight
Mr. Jeffory Wyscarver

Mr. Randy Clare

Dr. Edward Spiegel


October 14-15, 2011

Bruxism, TMD and Sleep

  • Etiology of Bruxism, use of the Ordinal Scale as well as tie in to TMD and Sleep Disorders
  • Evaluation of the patient, documentation and medical billing for ABI
  • Treatment options in the pediatric patient as well as adult patient
  • Orthodontic evaluation and early treatment
  • TMD evaluation of patients as well as treatment planning
  • Sleep patient present with symptoms of pain and pre existing conditions
  • Hands-on evaluation of patient dentition and treatment planning
  • Proper medical referral and medical billing

Mentor Spotlight

Dr. Devin Croft, Orthodontist, Peoria, AZ

Dr. Bradley Eli, UCLA 2-year residency, San Diego, CA

Dr. Edward Spiegel, Scottsdale, AZ

Location for Apnea and TMJ/Headache Workshops

Vistancia Ortho

9772 W. Yearling Rd Suite A-1600

Peoria, AZ 85383


October 21-22, 2011


  • Medical legal aspects involved in treating the Bruxing, TMD and Sleep patient
  • Health care attorney will review medical insurance guidelines. Medicare guidelines including anti-fraud, anti-kickback and Stark Laws.
  • Informational seminars for Snoring, TMD as well as Sleep Disorders.
  • How to organize market and follow-up.
  • Working with the sleep lab.  How to legally refer patients with medical insurance as well as Medicare.

Mentor Spotlight

Dr. Rodney Willey, Peoria, IL

Dr. Bradley Eli, San Diego, CA

Dr. Edward Spiegel, Scottsdale, AZ



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