Salter Labs BiNAPS® Airflow Pressure and Snore Transducer – David Wilson

David Wilson
Director of Sales and Marketing
Salter Labs Arvin, CA


The Salter Labs BiNAPS® Nasal Airflow Pressure and Snore Transducer is a diagnostic pressure transducer designed to monitor the airflow/snore pressure changes during sleep studies. It will deliver an accurate signal to the head box of the PSG unit through a special piezo type pressure transducer. The technician has the option of selecting the best signal with the Hi/Lo settings on the airflow as well as the snore channel.


The BiNAPS® uses a sensitive piezo type transducer that reacts to the airflow pressure changes as well the snore vibrations in the airflow transmitted through the nasal or oral/nasal cannula. The electronic signal is transmitted to the head box of the PSG recorder through two sets of Kevlar® reinforced cables with 1.5 mm touch proof female DIN connectors. There is an integral circuit tester to verify the integrity of the lead wires prior to beginning the sleep study. There are no batteries required for use.


The Salter Labs BiNAPS® has a lifetime warranty when used with Salter Labs sleep diagnostic cannulas.


Customer support and training is provided by our trained staff of sales representatives in conjunction with an online tutorial on set-up and settings for the PSG montage.


Salter Labs is a leading manufacturer of quality respiratory, anesthesia, and sleep diagnostic products. Well known for over 30 years as the quality leader in disposable respiratory therapy products, Salter Labs now offers a line of sleep diagnostics cannulas used in conjunction with the BiNAPS® for sleep diagnostic studies. For more information about Salter Labs or the BiNAPS® Airflow Pressure and Snore transducer please visit

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