ResMed Introduces AirCurve 10 Series


San Diego-based ResMed is launching its new AirCurve™ 10 series, which includes three bilevel devices for specialized support of challenging sleep apnea cases, as well as an adaptive servo-ventilation device for patients with central sleep apnea or Cheyne-Stokes respiration.


“We’ve developed the AirCurve 10 series for patients who need truly personalized support,” said Greg Peake, president of the ResMed Sleep-Disordered Breathing Global Business Unit. “These new devices raise the bar in their category – complementing the connected care offerings in our Air Solutions platform and enabling our customers to take their patient care to new heights while streamlining their workflows and enhancing their efficiency.”


The ResMed Air Solutions connected care platform is an ecosystem of hardware and software solutions designed to improve overall patient care and streamline compliance monitoring and therapy management. Every AirCurve 10 device features built-in wireless connectivity and works with ResMed’s AirView™ patient monitoring software. AirView, ResMed’s cloud-based patient management system, also has a new Remote Assist feature that allows health care providers to troubleshoot common therapy questions and change therapy settings remotely.


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