Proper Diagnostic Category for SRDDs

Should sleep-related dissociative disorders (SRDDs) be included in the field of sleep medicine? According to study results published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine and summarized in Neurology Advisor, the answer is yes. Specifically, SRDDs belong in the parasomnias section. 

“While SRDD were previously included in the parasomnias section of the International Classification of Sleep Disorders (ICSD), 2nd edition in 2005, this category was not included thereafter,” writes Amit Akirov, M.D., in Neurology Advisor. “The aim of this study was to summarize the clinical profile of SRDD cases and to provide data that support the re-inclusion of SRDD in the parasomnias section of future editions of the ICSD.” 

According to Akirov, the researchers presented several reasons for reinclusion of SRDD in the parasomnias section in the next edition of the ICSD. “Among these reasons was the claim that although SRDD is technically a psychiatric disorder, it is in fact a sleep-related behavioral disorder with both daytime and nocturnal manifestations,” he writes. “As it is expected that when assessing a patient with SRDD, sleep clinicians will first turn to the parasomnias section of the ICSD, this disorder should be included in that section. While SRDD is relatively uncommon, additional cases are still being diagnosed, including cases of parasomnia overlap disorder. The inclusion of SRDD in the ICSD will improve the reporting of additional cases of SRDD.”  

“Given the cases, data, and considerations just presented, it should be evident that sleep-related dissociative disorders are embedded within the field of sleep medicine, and should be represented in its official nosology, in the parasomnias section,” concluded researchers.


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