OSA Outcomes Positive with Telemedicine


A study in published in last month’s Interactive Journal of Medical Research summarized an effort by University of Barcelona researchers to examine the evidence for a telemedicine based approach for obstructive sleep apnea management. The study was titled “Telemedicine-based approach for obstructive sleep apnea management: building evidence”


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While telemedicine seems to offer reliable solutions to health care challenges, researchers said that  it “is crucial to carefully select outcomes and target patients who may take advantage of this technology. CPAP therapy compliance is essential to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). We believe that OSA patients could benefit greatly from a telemedicine approach for CPAP therapy management.”


According to the study, more than 95% (49/50) of the interviewed patients were satisfied with the tele-consultation, and 66% (33/50) of them answered that the tele-consultation could replace 50% to 100% of their CPAP follow-up visits. Patients who received the CPAP training via videoconference demonstrated the same knowledge about OSA and CPAP therapy as the face-to-face group.


“OSA patients gave a positive feedback about the use of tele-consultation for CPAP follow-up, and the CPAP training based on a telemedicine approach proved to be as effective as face-to-face training,” concluded researchers. “These results support the use of this telemedicine-based approach as a valuable strategy for patients’ CPAP training and clinical follow-up.”


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