OSA Linked To High Triglycerides

A report in Sci-News.com detailed the results of a study involved 753 people from the Men Androgens Inflammation Lifestyle Environment and Stress Study (MAILES), a comprehensive assessment of the health of Australian men aged 40 and over.

According to professor Gary Wittert from the Freemasons Centre for Male Health and Well-Being at the University of Adelaide and his colleagues, “Chronic intermittent hypoxia reduced clearance of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins and inhibited adipose tissue lipoprotein lipase activity.” Wittert adds, “The results of our study are concerning because the most striking effects were seen in people who were not overweight.”

Sci-News staff writes that half of the participants were shown to have moderate to severe OSA, with 75% of men aged 40 or over having some form of the syndrome. “The key message from this study is that testing for OSA should be considered even in lean men with elevated blood triglycerides concentrations,” Wittert said

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