NFL Greats Highlight Sleep Treatment Options

David Gergen President of Gergen’s ortho has been involved in the development of core sleep dental knowledge for some years now. He has
become aware of the connection between and the other great passion of his life football.

David Gergen has given back to his Arizona community by coaching football at both the Pop Warner and high school levels, holding state
championship titles as a player and a coach. Father to nine children ranging in age from 3 to 27 years, some of whom are following in his
footsteps both his athleticism and career in dentistry, David Gergens is passionate about helping athletes just like himself and his
children get the care they need to perform. In the course of David’s coaching activities he has served on committees in coaching clinics with NFL greats like Derek Kennard and Nate Newton. This close association has formed a bond that has resulted in David’s latest endeavor.

Derek Kennard and Nate Newton who both are on the the list of the NFL’s greatest Linemen who have ever played the game also have suffered from sleep related breathing disorders, like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Over 60% of NFL linemen suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea. OSA is often lined to large body size, Derek Kennard and his family have been particularly hard hit by this condition. Derek’s brother Donald passed away in his sleep on November 15, 2009 at the
age of 46 from complications associated with Sleep Apnea. Donald Kennard was a diagnosed sleep apnea sufferer who just could not tolerate wearing his CPAP. Sleep Disorders can be life threatening and the likely hood of a family member having the condition increases 4X. Other conditions linked to Sleep disorders include diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

David Gergen and the team at Gergens Orthodontic Lab have developed dental devices that support the airway and help a patient breath throughout the night. The American academy of sleep medicine has suggested that these devices are indicated for use on patients who cannot tolerate CPAP. Derek Kennard now is treated for his OSA with a Herbst appliance which is a simple mouthpiece that he wears at night.

when asked how he felt about the oral appliance he now wears for his sleep apnea Derek enthused “You can’t put a value on how much a good nights sleep can change your life! I wake up refreshed, well rested, my eyes aren’t red anylonger. I don’t look or feel tired anymore. Just think, if I’d met Mr. Gergen sooner, we could have saved my Brother Donald Kennard life; Don died in his sleep in 2009 @ 10pm, this could have been prevented. RIP Don, I Love You Man!”

Derek Kennard, Nate Newton and David Gergen will be speaking to the public at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel on April 26 at 2:00 and 5:30
PM. They will be discussing Sleep Apnea and its affect on all aspects of life. Athletic, Academic and Professional performance require a
good night’s sleep.

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