New Sleep Guidelines Require New Innovative Sensor Solutions: cTherm, Q-RIP, & Q-Snor

Richard Bonato, Ph.D.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
BRAEBON® Medical Corporation

New sleep guidelines published earlier this year now require nasal cannula and nasal-oral thermal flow measurement to be recorded simultaneously. In addition, either esophageal manometry or respiratory inductance plethysmography (RIP) must be used to meet these new guidelines. BRAEBON is the first and only sensor manufacturer which makes and sells each of these products to worldwide markets. Our sleep sensor engineers work hard to develop unparalleled technology enabling BRAEBON to become a unique solution provider.

Solution #1: cTherm™ – Cannula Thermistor

The challenge is to easily and comfortably enable the simultaneous recording of both nasal+oral pressure and nasal+oral thermal flow. The solution is the remarkable patent pending BRAEBON cTherm™ Cannula Thermistor only from BRAEBON. This is the world’s first and only airflow thermistor designed specifically to fit atop any adult size cannula allowing the synergistic marriage of thermal airflow and pressure airflow technologies. The cTherm™ is designed with minimal footprint and maximum comfort for all-night PSG, providing unparalleled airflow measurement. When used with high quality BRAEBON differential pressure transducers and BRAEBON cannulas, the cTherm™ accurately captures both nasal and oral airflow using thermal and pressure sensors.

Solution #2: Q-RIP™ – Quantitative Respiratory Inductive Plethysmography

Faced with either expensive product offerings or inexpensive offerings of questionable quality and durability, BRAEBON engineers started their RIP design with a clean sheet of paper. The result is the Q-RIP™. A durable, premium quality respiratory effort system based on RIP technology and backed by a solid one-year warranty on both belts and oscillator interface. This product exceeds the new guidelines because a SUM output is a standard product feature. Capable of connection to either AC or DC amplifiers, this RIP system is feature packed including: auto-off battery save, high-gain low-gain option, replaceable standard AA batteries, and one-size-fits-all adult belts.

Solution #3: Q-Snor™ – Quantitative Snoring Decibel Meter

Other companies talk about innovation. We do not just talk, we act. Using technology adapted from our patent pending MediByte® Snoring & Apnea Screener, the all-new Q-Snor™ Quantitative Snoring Decibel Meter is the first and only product designed to actually tell you in decibels how loud your patient is snoring. Piezo-based snore sensors merely tell you if snoring is present or not present, but the new Q-Snor™ will tell you this plus the intensity of snoring decibels. Nothing like having your cake and eating it too.

Solution #4: Esophageal Manometry

For those sleep centers interested in esophageal pressure recording, BRAEBON provides a top quality Pes Pressure Transducer kit which includes sterile endoesophageal catheters. Used in leading sleep laboratories for years, BRAEBON’s Pes kit uses an ultra-sensitive laser-trimmed silicone sensing element with built-in circuit overload protection linear up to +/-350 cm H2O (yes, three hundred and fifty). It is highly stable and linear both within a single recording and between recordings. When nothing but the best is needed, choose the BRAEBON Pes kit for the gold standard measurement of RERAs.

Solution #5: Nasal+Oral Cannulas

In 1999, BRAEBON was the first to deliver nasal+oral cannulas for the measurement of airflow during sleep recordings using a pressure transducer. We now offer four different models for your preference. The superior quality latex-free BRAEBON cannulas come with separate sensing chambers for nasal & oral flow precluding the internal turbulence common to most other cannula designs. This is an important technological advantage because pressure is accurately sensed by the transducer and not lost down the oral chamber as is commonly encountered in other designs. Another important advantage of the BRAEBON cannulas is our choice of safety filter. High quality differential pressure sensors require a filter for long-term use and BRAEBON only uses premium low resistance filters for superior airflow detection. This means more accuracy and better data.

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