New Patent for Oral Appliance

After more than three years, the United States Patent Office has granted Apnea Sciences a utility patent on its micro adjustment technology for its anti-snore mouthguard. SnoreRx meets and exceeds the OAOSA standard of being able to adjust in 1 mm increments up to 10 mm.

The design eliminates screws, or hardware of any kind, or the need for any wrenches or tools to facilitate adjustment. A patient can easily readjust and lock in a new setting at any time, which is the OAOSA Standard.

“Incorporating hardware of any kind in the design could compromise a patient, that is why I choose SnoreRx® for my patients. Furthermore, I would never use any product that did not offer the ability to micro adjust the fitting.  The precise Micro-Fit™ of SnoreRx delivers a superior custom fit,” said Jim Fallon, vice president. “You would not think of buying shoes that claimed one size fits all, neither should you consider using an anti snore mouthguard that cannot adjust to your individual mouth, to do so would likely cause TMJ and pain. The custom Thermal-Fit™ impression prevents tooth movement and is similar to a $2,000 custom oral appliance sold by dentists.”

Source: Apnea Sciences

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