New Listing Claims to Boost Patient Base for Sleep Docs


A new venture called Sleep Apnea Doctors US aims to help doctors find patients in their local area through more efficient online means. Listing with Sleep Apnea Doctors US as a sleep apnea doctor is similar to creating a social media account.


Doctors are able to sign in online using their Facebook account if they prefer not to create another unique username and password. Listing on the site is a way for doctors to expand their sleep apnea patient database and provide sleep apnea solutions for those seeking treatment.


“Patients seeking treatments for severe sleep apnea near them need only visit the Sleep Apnea Doctors US website and search for doctors by zip code,” claim site designers. “Patients can conveniently request a free consultation online, which frees up their time for other important activities.”


A press release from Sleep Apnea Doctors US reiterates the figure that roughly 80% of moderate to severe sleep apnea cases are currently undiagnosed. “Many patients forego dealing with their sleep apnea symptoms because of difficulty finding treatment,” write company officials. “Sleep Apnea Doctors US seeks to bridge this gap between doctor and patient and see that more sleep apnea sufferers receive the help they need.

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