New CPAP Mask Cleaner that uses Nanotechnology

At an average rate of 16 breaths a minute a CPAP user breathes out 7680 in an 8 hour sleep period. The CPAP mask will be coated with junk from user’s lungs and nose on an average 7680 times. Those junk on the mask can breed into Fungus, Yeast, E-Coli, MRSA, Bacteria, Mold, Viruses and more. How can a CPAP user sleep for the next night without cleaning the CPAP mask?

Quick Silver a CPAP mask a cleaner using nanotechnology is now available. Earlier CPAP users had limited options using alcohol based, soap and citrus to clean. Proper cleaning is essential to reduce the risk of infections. A CPAP user needs something more than a soap to disinfect and prevent these germs from developing.

Quick Silver is safe and gentle on skin including delicate areas and will not cause deterioration of the CPAP mask. Quick Silver CPAP mask cleaner can also be sprayed on other medical equipments and wherever it needs to be disinfected. Available in stores and with Home care suppliers or you can conveniently get them shipped anywhere by ordering online at

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