Midmark Corporation in partnership with Cleveland Medical Launches SleepView Monitor and SleepView Portal – A Primary Care Solution for Home Sleep Testing

CLEVELAND, OH Midmark Corporation, a trusted leader in digital diagnostic devices for ambulatory care, announced a partnership with Cleveland Medical Devices, a leader in sleep diagnostics technology, launching the Midmark SleepView® Monitor and SleepViewSM Portal.

The Midmark SleepView Monitor developed by Cleveland Medical Devices is the market’s smallest and lightest portable home sleep monitor that meets the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s recommended channel set for Type III monitors.

The Midmark SleepView Portal offers prescribing physicians secure, HIPAA compliant online access to registered polysomnographic technologists and board-certified sleep physicians who provide scoring, professional interpretation and treatment recommendations.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a repeated interruption of normal breathing during sleep due to a collapse of the upper airway.  It is estimated to impact as many people as asthma and diabetes; yet, 85 percent of the population with the disease is undiagnosed and untreated. “There is a real need in the healthcare industry to address this large and growing clinical concern,” said Tom Treon, senior product manager for Midmark. “We want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of care for patients with OSA by providing another diagnostic option, which enables patients to be tested in the comfort of their own bed and convenience of their own home for a more natural night of sleep.”

OSA does in fact hold serious health and economic consequences. Numerous studies link OSA to major chronic diseases such as stroke, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, hypertension and increased odds of serious car crash injuries.  Economic studies have also shown that people with untreated OSA have 200 percent higher healthcare costs than similar people without OSA.

Midmark has entered into a strategic partnership with Cleveland Medical Devices Inc. (CleveMed) for licensing of the SleepView technology.  Established in 1990, CleveMed is a leader in sleep diagnostics technology with products serving sleep labs, institutional and home settings.

Dr. Anne Eiting Klamar, President and CEO of Midmark stated, “We are very pleased to partner with CleveMed, a company that provides proven expertise in sleep disorders research and diagnostics. SleepView offers both an exciting addition to our diagnostic device portfolio and sophisticated, yet easy-to use services for our customers with the goal of providing efficient and effective patient care.”

“We are very excited about our relationship with Midmark.  It will extend sleep healthcare to patients in need”, said Hani Kayyali, president of CleveMed. “Midmark is a strong and trusted brand with outstanding relationships among physicians and distributors. They offer our technology unique advantages towards providing patients, providers and payers with a convenient, cost-effective and high-quality solution to identifying and managing OSA.”

For more information, please visit www.midmarksleepview.com

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