Medtrade and New Survey Boosts Awareness of CPAP Heated Tubes

Officials at Plastiflex Healthcare wrapped up a solid week at Medtrade Atlanta, fielding questions from attendees looking to capitalize on the benefits of heated tubes, which company officials say can boost crucial compliance rates. Specifically, heated tubes enhance the benefit of heated humidification, and a new survey adds weight to that claim.

Rik Langerock, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Plastiflex Healthcare, explained to attendees that the Belgium-based company’s Hybernite Rainout Control (ROC) System, which includes the proprietary Heated Breathing Tube (HBT) and Power Supply Unit (PSU), could expand the accessory market and make patients happier.

A survey of Hybernite users checked off answers that  ranged from 1 to 4 to correspond with various criteria. The all-adult group had been using heated humidification, but not all had necessarily experienced rainout. “Our belief is that every patient who has a heated humidifier ought to have the benefit of a heated tube,” emphasizes Langerock.

Prior to using Hybernite, 31 of 34 respondents reported moderate to very high condensation. After Hybernite heated tubes were installed, 29 reported all condensation gone, and five scaled it down to moderate. No respondent reported high or very high amounts after Hybernite installation.

Condensation in the mask is also significantly reduced by using the Hybernite Heated Hose. Since the temperature of the air arriving at the mask is warmer, there is less chance for condensation. Condensation in the mask is also caused by the air exhaled by the patient. This air is fully saturated –100% humidified – so condensation is more likely to happen.

Beyond the typical side effects, unwanted noise is often bothersome for many CPAP users. Heated tubing can help. “If you have a lot of rainout in the tube, you get a collection of water at the lowest point of the tube,” says Johan Verbraecken, MD, a pulmonologist and medical coordinator at the Belgium-based Sleep Disorders Centre. “If you add air, this can lead to bubbling noise which can be irritating. By adding the Hybernite, you can recuperate some patients who may have fallen out of compliance due to this seemingly small annoyance.”

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