Lancet Highlights Research on the Pandemic’s Overall Toll on Sleep

A 2020 roundup of sleep-related research in The Lancet highlights the tremendous toll on sleep in America and around the world. “Studies examined the effect on sleep of SARS-CoV-2 infection and confounders related to isolation, quarantine, anxiety, stress, or financial losses,” writes Markku Partinen. “According to a European task force, symptoms of insomnia could be related to psychosocial factors and to the confinements.” 


In Italy, anxiety related to COVID-19 was highly associated with disturbed sleep. “In a survey of 2291 Italians, 57·1% reported poor sleep quality, 32·1% high anxiety, 41·8% high distress, and 7·6% reported post-traumatic symptoms of stress,” he adds. “In the International COVID-19 Sleep Study, different factors are being investigated using a harmonised set of questions.” 


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Sleep research in 2020: COVID-19-related sleep disorders” HERE

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