It’s Also Been Hard on Americans Sleep

Pop culture media icon People magazine recently trumpeted new research that confirmed what a lot of clinicians suspected: 2020 has been the worst year ever for Americans’ sleep. COVID and a polarizing election season contributed to a lack of slumber for 2,000 survey respondents who opened up about their sleeping habits over a tumultuous year.


“The results found 51 percent pinpointed 2020 as their worst year for sleep,” writes People staff. 

“In fact, 42 percent of respondents said they can’t even remember the last time they got a good night’s sleep. Fittingly, six in 10 of those surveyed also said they plan to make sleep a top priority next year.” 

According to People, the poll conducted on behalf of Hatch found that the top 2020 culprit for poor sleep was consuming too much news (34 percent). Another 22 percent of those polled said spending too much time with their family during quarantine has also taken a toll on their beauty rest.

“Other trends that had a negative impact on respondents included Zoom call fatigue (16 percent), burnout while working from home (16 percent), and even staying up too late watching a Netflix binge (13 percent),” People writes. “With sleep quality declining, those polled have been turning to various methods to try to regain control of their sleep schedule. Thirty-four percent of respondents have tried listening to music to wind down and 20 percent have turned to meditation.” 


Source: People

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