Futuristic Technology Monitors Drowsy Driving

Drowsy driving is a significant danger for truckers and those who share the road with them. However, there are other pressures truckers face as well. Travel schedules and load incentives mean that truckers want to get to their destination as quickly as possible and frequently overestimate their ability to stay awake.

New Technologies Track Wakefulness

Fortunately, new technologies are coming to the rescue. In-cabin sensing software can capture drowsy or distracted driving and deliver real-time alerts. The technology uses a driver’s head movements, gaze, and eye movements to determine if someone is too tired or distracted to be safe on the road.

This software can notify dispatch if a driver is talking on a cell phone, using a mobile device while driving, or starting to fall asleep. Drivers may struggle to embrace this new approach, however, because it’s an always-on monitoring system.

If you’re planning to use this tech, make sure you emphasize the importance of safety and work with your drivers to enhance buy-in. Perhaps you can offer incentives for those that are willing to use the system, including higher pay per mile.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

If a software system is monitoring you 24/7, where is all that information going? A lot of drivers and trucking companies have understandable privacy concerns. 

Fortunately, privacy has not gone out the window. All video processing is done on the device itself. The end customer, who is generally the truck dispatcher, can choose how to receive alerts. There are text messages and video clips, and you can select one or both.

The technology company says they don’t receive any video, so the drivers don’t have to worry about personal information being captured outside their trucking firm. 

Live technology that monitors truck drivers in real-time can help keep the roads safer. What’s important is to work with your team to ensure buy-in and compliance.


Source: CDClife

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