Fisher and Paykel’s Long-Awaited Pilairo Set to Debut at SLEEP

Manar Sleiman
Associate Product Manager
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Irvine, CA

Claims of “most comfortable” are common among CPAP mask manufacturers, but “one size fits most” is a more practical aim that engineers at Fisher & Paykel (F&P) Healthcare say they have tackled in earnest. Officials at Irvine, Calif-based F&P believe the new nasal pillow mask called the Pilairo will live up to the “one size” claim, and Manar Sleiman, associate product manager, says patients will also appreciate the comfort.


The Pilairo is not on the market yet in the United States, but sleep lab directors and physicians will have a chance to lay hands on it during the 26th Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (Sleep) in Boston from June 9 – 13. “Our technology in this new mask is remarkable,” says Sleiman. “We have three key components—comfort, seal, and ease of use.”

According to Sleiman, the Pilairo air pillow seal is made of microfine medical grade silicone, and it is .04 inches at its thinnest point. “Soft like a rose pedal,” she says.

The mask is ergonomically designed to self inflate with CPAP flow while gently enveloping the nose. “The Pilairo provides versatility to fit a variety of nasal shapes and sizes,” says Sleiman. “It’s essentially a double seal. It is specifically designed to hover over the nose, which makes it extremely forgiving of any movement, while still maintaining a seal.”

F&P engineers say this type of design allows for one size of seal to fit most patients with no need for small, medium, or large varieties. “Sleep physicians and techs don’t have to worry about fitting the patient,” adds Sleiman. “This is the go-to mask that can self adjust to the patient’s nose as it envelopes it.”

So-called “StretchWise” head gear material is only required for attachment, rather than stability. “Most interfaces have straps and adjustments for the head gear,” enthuses Sleiman. “Our air seal hovers over the face, so you don’t really need anything to hold it in because it’s stable. It’s a soft elasticized thread that stretches over a wide range with little change to the force applied. It’s perfect for sleep lab techs who often go in with lights out to adjust and put masks on patients. They literally do not have to turn on the light. They can put on the mask and be good to go.”

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