Effortless CPAP Sanitization versus Germs and Sickness


As we all know, CPAP therapy presents a challenge for your patients in regards to cleaning the CPAP equipment properly and effectively.  Minimizing the exposure to pathogens that result from inadequate cleaning is nothing short of impossible to do.  The frustration of having to take the equipment apart in order to keep the mask and CPAP machine clean is a problem for many patients.  That frustration leads to patients not taking the time to clean their equipment or potentially stop treatment lowering their compliance.  Until now. With the SoClean™ sanitizing device, that lengthy and frustrating process has been eliminated providing a solution to your patient’s frustration while keeping them healthy and compliant.

Your web site mentions personal experience with OSA. Explain how that factored into the launch of your company.

Better Rest Solutions can truly be said to have sprung from personal experience. We didn’t search the market for a niche that we thought to exploit. There are a number who work here who either suffers from, or who have a family member who suffers from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). I include myself in this number, as my wife has OSA. Left unchecked, sleep apnea has been linked to daytime fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and even death, so you see how concerned I was when my wife received this diagnosis.

The common therapy for dealing with OSA is using a CPAP machine. My wife responded well to the therapy, but it wasn’t without its challenges, proper cleaning being one of them. She was always pretty good about making sure she cleaned her CPAP according to the manufacturer’s directions.  Despite this, she still suffered from miscellaneous respiratory problems that seemed to be connected to this therapy. As far as cleaning, she was doing everything she was supposed to do, but it still didn’t seem to be enough. This left her frustrated.

It’s about this time that the SoClean device came into development.

Talk about what led to the development of the SoClean system.

As I mentioned, I wasn’t alone in having OSA affect my life. Another OSA sufferer who I work with is Tim Leyva. He too was experiencing the ups and downs of adjusting to CPAP therapy. One of those downs was how quickly CPAP equipment built up contaminants and how arduous it was to thoroughly sanitize it. We both thought that there had to be a better way to carry out this task, so we scoured the market in search of such an approach. It turns out, there was nothing out there that would sanitize CPAP equipment to the level that we were looking for, so we decided to make one ourselves.

This was something of a departure for us, but we were strongly motivated to come up with an answer. After much research and trial-and-error, we began to assemble prototypes that showed promise. We finally arrived with the SoClean, as it appears today. This means of sanitizing CPAP equipment is like no other and it performed exactly as we hoped it would.

Describe the health benefits of using the SoClean system and how it compares to traditional methods.

What makes the SoClean really stand out above other means of CPAP cleaning is its use of activated oxygen. Activated oxygen or ozone, is one of the most powerful sanitizing agents known to man. It has the ability to destroy any biological pathogen it comes in contact with. What this means is that any virus, mold, fungus, or bacteria that might be present in the warm, moist environment of the CPAP machine will be more than 99% eradicated by the use of the SoClean. Even stubborn and dangerous pathogens like MRSA and the flu virus have proved to be no match for activated oxygen. While the activated oxygen used in this process is indeed powerful, it’s utilized in a safe way that poses no risk to the user or the environment. The SoClean converts any activated oxygen it expels during use back into the air we breathe, by means of a special filter.

Another aspect of the SoClean that deserves recognition is the ease of use. You can sanitize the entire CPAP, including the mask, hose, and reservoir without the need to disassemble. After an easy, one-time connection, the SoClean remains an integral part of the CPAP equipment. What this means is that daily sanitizing can now be carried out without the need to take apart any of the components. The former routine of disassemble/bring to the sink/hand-clean/reassemble, is now a thing of the past. It was this regular, arduous ritual that tended to turn many off from keeping their machines properly cleaned, and as a result, ripe to build up contaminants.

At Better Rest Solutions, we believe that the SoClean is an innovation that offers many important benefits. Besides the health benefits connected with using germ-free equipment, there’s the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your CPAP equipment is as safe as can be. To be connected with such a product that can positively impact the health and well being of others is truly a pleasure. My wife is happy and I’m happy.

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So Clean CPAP Device

Customer Testimonial:

“In an effort to find a device to keep my husband’s equipment sanitized, my research led me to Better Rest Solutions’ SoClean device.  We were getting pretty tired of taking his whole machine apart every day and cleaning it.  It never looked or smelled clean that’s for sure!” said Lyndsay Johnson.  “We were absolutely thrilled with how much cleaner the mask and device was after using SoClean.  It literally smells ‘so clean’.”

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So Clean CPAP Device

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