Crowne Plaza Hotel to Trial "World's First Snore Absorption Room"

InterContinental-owned Crowne Plaza has unveiled a room designed to help the long-suffering partners of snoring sleepers get a good night’s sleep.

The chain said June 27 that a “snore absorption room” is being rolled out at nine of its global properties on a trial basis to see if it can help couples snooze in more comfort.

Based on “proven technology,” the room has been given a set of extra features Crowne Plaza believes could help reduce snoring, tackling both the snorer and the person being kept awake.

Walls of the room have been soundproofed, for instance, to help eliminate the reverberation of snoring, while a sound-absorbing headboard has been installed to minimize transference of the snores at close quarters.

Another high-tech addition is the white noise machine, which is designed to help drown out the noise of snoring and aid relaxation for the person kept awake.

For the snorer, the room features an anti-snoring bed wedge, designed to keep the person in a specific position which reduces the chance of the tongue falling backwards, a cause of snoring.

The guest also sleeps on an anti-snoring pillow, which uses magnetic fields which Crowne Plaza says open the airways and stiffen the upper palate, which vibrates during snoring.

It will be up to the guests to decide whether Crowne Plaza’s new room is the Holy Grail or a clever stunt, but according to the brand’s research, there should be no shortage of volunteers.

The chain said that UK research suggested that over a half of couples lose between one and five hours sleep a night due to the snoring and snuffling of their partners, adding up to a decade of lost sleep over a lifetime.

The trial will take place between June 27 – July 1 in:

Crowne Plaza London, The City
Crowne Plaza Hamburg, Germany
Crowne Plaza Paris République, France
Crowne Plaza Milan City, Italy (from June 29)
Crowne Plaza Madrid Airport, Spain (from June 29)
Crowne Plaza Vilamoura Algarve Hotel & Spa, Portugal (from June 29)
Crowne Plaza Brussels Airport, Belgium
Crowne Plaza Amsterdam Schiphol

Source: Independent

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