CPAP Mask-Related Side Effects – Questionnaires May Be Key

A new study examining mask-related side effects (MRSEs) puts forth a harsh truth, namely that CPAP remains an uncomfortable therapy despite the constant development of technological innovations and bold claims about comfort. As reported in, the “InterfaceVent-CPAP study” aims to investigate the relationship between MRSEs and CPAP non-adherence or residual-excessive sleepiness in the long term. 

Nearly 1,500 patients were included in the analysis that concluded: “Leak-related side-effects remain the most prevalent side-effects, but patient-reported leaks cannot be predicted by CPAP-reported-leaks. Patient MRSEs can be independently associated with CPAP-non-adherence and RES, thus implying a complementary role for MRSE questionnaires alongside CPAP-device-reported-data for patient monitoring. See additional study details. 

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