Medical Information via Smart Phone on the Rise

Physicians have largely embraced electronic tablets for documentation, and new research shows that patients are looking to smart phones for medical information. Recent research tracking smart phone usage over the past two years confirms that consumer use of the iPhone to gather medical information has increased 94% over last year.

The iPhone from Apple also topped the list of mobile devices used to seek medical information online with a 41% share of total mobile traffic for 2012. Based on these trends, Jason Gilmore, CEO and co-founder of The Patient’s Guide predicts that in two years the iPhone will surpass the desktop as the primary device for health information.

“Knowing that mobile activity has grown significantly over the past three years, we have paid close attention to the trends and patterns shaping the way consumers behave in this space,” said Jasson W. Gilmore. “We have seen a sea change in the way consumers use mobile devices to research medical topics online. Physicians are now telling us it’s common to see a patient who’s reading questions from their iPhones. From that standpoint, I think it’s a good thing as patients become more empowered by mobile technology.”

A number of factors may continue to influence this trend, including government regulations and insurance reimbursements, as well as the evolution of mobile computing devices such as the new iPad mini. Gilmore expects the trend to continue, “I would anticipate mobile devices become the top device consumers will use to research health information by the end of next year. As health providers and institutions evaluate cost-saving measures, I think broader adoption of such devices may help in this effort in the same way electronic medical records have.”

Source: The Patient’s Guide

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