BRAEBON’s MediByte Junior – A New Type 3 Device for Home Sleep Testing – Richard A. Bonato

Richard A. Bonato, PhD. President and CEO BRAEBON Medical Corporation Kanata, Ontario, Canada


The prime feature of the MediByte Junior is the unique ability of having a very small, extremely easy–to–use, upgradeable device that can actually work with a CPAP device while at the same time offering RIP technology. The MediByte Junior offers SpO2, pulse, airflow, body position and RIP all built into one unit. With these features, the device can be used both to diagnose sleep apnea as well as monitor the effectiveness of treatment. The MediByte Junior can record CPAP pressures, airflow and snoring as well as the option of offering RIP technology to monitor respiratory effort. The MediByte Junior remains the smallest, most reliable Type 3 device on the market. The ease–of–use for the clinician as well as the patient makes the MediByte Junior the best cutting–edge technology that meets CMS requirements for Type 3 and Type 4 reimbursements.

Other features include connectors that lock when pushed in so that they do not inadvertently disconnect during the study. Another feature that ensures less errors and loss of data is that no two connectors are alike which means the patient or clinician cannot plug the wrong sensor into the wrong port. The device also offers a feature so that it starts recording automatically or it can be started in manual mode. The MediByte Junior can record for two consecutive nights. All the technology in the MediByte Junior improves the likelihood the clinician using this device will be able to record high quality, reliable data.


The MediByte Junior is extremely user–friendly. The software guides the user through initializing the device and it automatically downloads the data at the end of the night. The software offers an “assisted scoring” feature. After the data is downloaded, the clinician reviews and edits the data for final analysis. The device comes with an easy–to–read user manual and offers laminated patient guides so that the patient can easily understand how to connect the sensors to the device. Braebon also offers a comprehensive patient instructional MediByte video in DVD format. The video is very important because the LCDs now permit patient instructional videos prior to home sleep testing.

The greatest benefit to patients is the size of the MediByte Junior and the fact that it provides limited interference with the patient’s sleeping habits. For example, if the patient wants to get up in the middle of the night, move around, or snuggle with their bed partner, there will be no trouble with doing that. The physician is also able to obtain data that is a true reflection of the patient’s normal sleep. Since all the sensors lock in place, there is no worry regarding loss of data or the patient having to worry about reattaching sensors during the night. The small size of the MediByte Junior allows the patient to sleep as normal as possible without the need to have a large cumbersome piece of equipment in the bedroom.


There are only 2 sensors that attach from the device, which makes it a lot easier for the patient to hook themselves up which increases the chance of obtaining error–free data. Several studies have shown that 90% of the population with sleep apnea has never been diagnosed, mainly because of costs and inconvenience. The MediByte Junior offers sleep centers a greater opportunity to test this patient population. The most important purpose that the MediByte Junior serves is providing a reliable resource for data collection and analysis in the home environment while allowing the sleep centers a much faster turn–around in getting these patients treated.

Braebon believes that the MediByte Junior will have a profound impact on the use of portable monitoring and sleep disorders medicine, particularly because the technology is offered at a reasonable price while at the same time providing an entry–level screening tool for clinicians to reach a larger patient population. The device will also benefit patients by providing physicians an efficient and accurate technology to quickly screen and treat sleep apnea. Since the MediByte Junior is upgradeable from Type 4 to Type 3 and can be used in combination with its bigger sibling, the complete MediByte kit, it provides a combined price point, which is actually less than single recorders from other companies.

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