Another CPAP Acquisition for Verus Healthcare


Nashville-based Verus Healthcare Inc recently completed its 85th acquisition of yet another CPAP business in the DME industry. Verus Healthcare now services more than 40,000 sleep apnea patients for their CPAP supply needs and processes nearly 10,000 new orders per month.


“When we bought this platform two years ago, attrition among the patient base was very high,” said Richardson M. Roberts, CEO of Verus Healthcare. “We’ve grown the patient base seven-fold while decreasing our monthly attrition to approximately one percent per month which we believe is the best in the industry. It’s a testament to our high quality personnel, improved processes and automated systems.”


In addition, the company continues to invest in software development. “Once our system determines that we have the proper documentation, the patient’s order ships that day,” added Roberts. “Most of our DME competitors cannot match that. Our systems allow us to be patient-centric in everything we do. With our new web-based reordering capability, we are able to service the patient however they prefer, whether it be live calls or through the web. We continue to make improvements to our systems and believe they are the best in our industry.”

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